Passing Our Faith On to Our Family

Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

Your sister Sue here. Yes, I wasn’t with you for the worship service today in body — but I’m always with you in the Spirit. As it happens, I was at a quilt retreat. What was special and different about this particular quilt retreat was that my sister Liz traveled from Maryland to enjoy the retreat with me.

Of course, we talked a lot about quilting, but we also did a lot of family reminiscing. She told the story of how she and her husband encouraged their kids to pray before meals. At a certain age, kids don’t have much patience for long prayers. But, rather than discourage their son by telling him his faith was less than mustard sized, they adopted his very short prayer as a family tradition. It’s only three words: “Jesus, squeeze us”!

The faith he’d learned from his parents was that being “squeezed” (hugged) by Jesus was all they needed. Words to live by! A prayer to pass along!

Do you have any stories about how you received the faith through the teaching you got from your family? Or about how you shared it with your kids? Please post them here!

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